"Mesopotamia is the beginning of civilization with its 20,000-year history, accepted by the whole world as the zero point of history. These lands, which are the cradle of civilization and home to many civilizations, where our story begins. We represent a culture, where raw materials meet the world via the Silk Road and where the trade begins. The Silk Road has been the path not only of merchants, but also of sages, armies, ideas, religions and cultures from east to west and from west to east. In the cradle of trade, we try to carry the business ethics we inherited from our ancestors to all our businesses and to new generations."


Our family’s business adventure, which started in Gaziantep in the first years of the Turkish Republic (1927), has continued to diversify for nearly a century. Our family started trading with YAPRAKLAR TİCARET, founded by Sadettin Yaprak, by supplying salt and flour to the region as a commodity trade. In the following years, he additionally opened a dry goods and glassware store in the region under the brand YENI YAPRAKLAR. Since 1952, we were acting as the agency, dealer and distributor of 33 different brands under the BİNBİRÇESİT department store; many durable brands such as ITT-Schaub Lorenz, AEG, Arçelik, BEKO, Grunding, Philips, Sharp, Toshiba, SONY, Vestel; Samur, Saray and Gümüşsuyu carpet brands, Beldeyama, Bisan, Puch Mobylette Motorsiklet; Vakko, Altınyıldız, Bossa fabrics. While it was the first department store of the region, diversity was including cash registers, stairs, glassware and dry goods. We entered the energy sector with Alev Gaz regional distributor and building of storage facility. In addition, in line with the demands of the region, by taking on the regional distributorship of many agricultural and agricultural pesticides such as Hektaş and Toros Tarım, in order to diversified the products what we supply to the region. Our store served as the largest department store in the region for more than 40 years until 1992. After 1974, the family also expanded to Istanbul and Cyprus regions. Product supply has continued for years, especially to the southern Anatolia region, centered in Istanbul-Gaziantep and Cyprus. Our family, which entered the automotive industry with the Renault dealership in 1986, and started to import vehicles from abroad with the import license which is received in 1996. Having consolidated its dominance and supply in the region, the family, from its third generation, has created new companies in many different sectors, from tourism to automotive, from oil to media, from grains and pulses to electronic imports, from restaurants and hotels to yacht tourism. As family created worldwide known companies by itself, TEYA GROUP is the fourth generation. Our company, which do trade of international commodities and services, especially oil and petroleum products and provides services by our locally based established companies and offices around the world. Our headquarters is in Istanbul-Turkey. Additionally, we also provide services through our offices in Sarajevo-Bosnia-Herzegovina, Podgorica-Montenegro, Zagreb-Croatia, Barcelona-Spain, Dusseldorf-Germany, Geneva-Switzerland, Miami-USA and Erbil-Iraq.

About us


Teya Group operates in the energy sector with the import, storage, distribution and sales licenses of petroleum and petroleum products, first in Bosnia-Herzegovina and then in Iraq and Turkey. As a regional player in the energy sector, where we specialize with our past experience, our company’s areas of operation are the Central Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea, Turkey, Caucasus and Middle East. We provide our customers with the highest quality and most suitable products from regional refineries and international supply chains.


Our company and our international partners are primarily registered with KazMunayGas (KMG), one of the world’s oil and production giants, PetroMidia-Romania, Sonatrach, INA, OMV, MOH, ENI, ADNOC, TOTAL, SOMO, Rompetrol, Socar-Turkey and Tüpraş-Turkey, which are among the major refineries in the region, and we make a large part of our supply from these companies through our cooperation with international giant companies trading commodities in the region. In addition to these refineries, we have contracts with many refineries and suppliers in the region.


As a company, we provide the best, most suitable and highest quality products from the refineries in the region that we are a member of or work with long-term contracts in a fast and transparent manner, which is our company policy. We supply our products from our own tanks, Croatia, Turkey and Iraq. In addition to our tanks, we also supply products from Iskenderun-Turkey, Greece, Malta, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania according to the requests and availability of our customers.


As Teya Group, from its establishment in Istanbul in 2003; with its valuable past experiences, we are developing day by day with following-up the sector, valuable relationships and international connections. With the valuable contributions of our regional offices where we operate and the support and comments of our regional customers, we analyze current trends and market needs in the best possible way and provide our customers with the best and quality products and services at competitive market prices.

Teya Group Petroleum Products

ULSD 10ppm (EN590)

Gasoil 0.1% - 0.25% - 0.5%

Gasoline RON95

JET-A1, TS1, Avgaz

Fuel Oil 0.5% - 1.0% - 3.5%

Bitumen 50/70 and 60/70


LPG (mix C3&C4)




Light and Heavy Crude Oil

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Esentepe Mah. Ecza Sok. No:4/1 Polcenter 34394 Levent-ıstanbul-türkiye


+90 212 942 82 31

+90 212 284 69 99

Esentepe Mah. Ecza Sok. No:4/1 Polcenter 34394 Levent - İstanbul - Türkiye

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